• December 21, 2018

In today’s fast-paced business world, small business ownership is exhausting. The constant evolution of technology, 24/7 access to communication, and the ever-present threat of external changes can add more stress to an already heavy workload. Studies have shown that small business owners report an overall higher level of happiness than their employee counterparts – but it comes at a price. One study has shown that small business owners work 52 hours per week, a workday and a half more than the standard 40-hour work week. Even more alarming – 56% of small business owners surveyed stated they were too afraid to leave their small business alone to take a vacation or spend time with friends and family. Another study of small business owners posed the question, “If you had an artificial intelligence robot that you could delegate any task to, what would you have it do?” The chart below summarizes these findings:

If you share these sentiments, you’re in the right place. While she probably won’t offer to watch your kids, Melissa Francetich is a small business marketing and business development consultant who offers all of these services – and more! She has a diverse skill set and extensive experience helping small business owners just like you with a variety of tasks, from marketing to accounting to human resources. Do you need a break? Contact Melissa Francetich today!

Melissa Francetich has a diverse set of skills tailored to help virtually any small business owner succeed. Whether your goal is to take some of the pressure off of yourself or to beef up your marketing, Melissa Francetich is here to help!

Data & File Organization
Technical Support
Software Selection & Implementation
Productivity Applications
Interactive Forms Creation
Growth Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Resource Allocation
SWOT Analysis
Target Development
Employment Ads
Accounts Receivable
Fund Allocation
Tax Form Preparation & Filing
Cost Containment
Inventory Systems
Process Improvement
Sourcing and Purchasing
Content Optimization
Event Marketing
Graphic Design
Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Plans
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing
Print Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web Design
Market Research
Marketing Analytics

Although it may not feel like it sometimes, technology is your friend. Melissa Francetich is proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Social Media platforms, Quickbooks, WordPress, SEO metrics, a variety of web apps, and more!

Call Melissa Francetich today to get started with all of your business needs!